The MRC Agreement of 1995: What You Need to Know

The MRC Agreement, also known as the Merger Regulation Cooperation Agreement, was one of the key agreements that helped shape the European Union`s merger control system. The agreement was adopted by the European Commission and the national competition authorities of EU member states in 1995.

The MRC Agreement serves as a framework for cooperation and coordination among the competition authorities in the EU, allowing for efficient and effective enforcement of competition law across the bloc. It also establishes common principles for the review of mergers and acquisitions that involve two or more EU member states.

One of the main benefits of the MRC Agreement is that it allows for the exchange of information and expertise between competition authorities, which can help ensure consistency and thoroughness in merger reviews. This can be especially important in cases where a merger could have significant impacts on multiple markets across the EU.

Under the MRC Agreement, the European Commission has the power to take over the review of a merger if it is deemed to have a significant impact on competition in the EU. This allows the commission to ensure that merger reviews are conducted in a consistent and effective manner across member states.

The MRC Agreement also establishes deadlines for reviewing mergers. For example, if a merger involves two or more EU member states, the competition authorities involved must notify the European Commission within 15 working days of the merger being announced. The commission then has a further 25 working days to determine whether to clear the merger or initiate an in-depth investigation.

Overall, the MRC Agreement of 1995 has been an important tool in promoting consistency and efficiency in the review of mergers across the EU. By providing a framework for cooperation and coordination among competition authorities, it has helped ensure that the EU`s merger control system remains effective in safeguarding competition in the bloc`s markets.

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